I am Juliana.
I design and facilitate
engaging learning experiences.


My Work

Let's Talk About Food

Project Title: Let's Talk About Food
Tools: Articulate Storyline 360
Responsibilities: Instructional Design, eLearning Development
Audience: Clients, members, and partners of organization working on climate activism and action.
Keywords: eLearning, interactivity, humor,  clean and bold design.
Overview: This project explores the relationship between food and greenhouse gas emissions in a fun and engaging way. Utilizing a "learning by doing" approach advocated by experiential learning theory, learners are given only the necessary information to make sense of an interactive experience that enables them to explore the different impacts of their food choice. Since the goal of the experience is to foster behavior and mindset change, it is designed to be transformative. In this way, it simplifies complex concepts, makes learning personal, taps into prior knowledge and beliefs, stimulates critical thinking, and provides additional resources for future steps.

Project Title: Idea Tree Tool
Tools: Camtasia (Trial Version)
Responsibilities: Instructional Design, video  production, graphic design.
Audience: Leaders and facilitators of meetings and brainstorming sessions.
Keywords:  Microlearning, fun, upbeat, skill development.
Overview: This project focuses on the design of a microlearning activity utilizing a short video to explain the idea tree tool as an alternative to traditional brainstorming sessions. It gives quick and clear information about how to utilize the tool. With about 2 minutes of video content, learners can explore the video from their laptops, tablets, or phones without the need of audio (which is added for additional mood setting). The content for the activity was provided by the subject matter expert (SME) through an existing published article. 

How to Effectively Lead Remote Teams

Project: How to Effectively Lead Remote Teams
Tools: Canva
Responsibilities: Instructional design and development.
Audience: Entrepreneurs with limited experience in remote management
Keywords:  Virtual facilitator-led, engagement, high-energy, remote work, soft skills
Overview: This facilitator-led training was structured using Gagne's 9 events of learning. It uses mini-scenarios to showcase situations managers are likely to face and to prompt the learners to identify challenges and strategies in remote management. Opportunities for practice are presented with open ended questions that allows the facilitator to guide learners and build upon prior knowledge while providing real-time feedback. For better retention, the challenges and strategies are summarized in one slide presented at the beginning and end of of the course with a mnemonic device.


How do I do it?

Visual Identity

Visuals are part of the learning experience. I choose the colors, images, graphs, and fonts to help set the mood, engage the learner, stimulate memory, and provoke reactions. For each learning experience, the visuals are personalized to match the organization's branding, the learning topic, and the audience.

Less is More

To help learners focus on the experience and successfully achieve learning objectives, I remove all potential obstacles that may generate confusion, anxiety, or cognitive overload. Navigation is straightforward, complex concepts are translated into easy to understand ideas, and information is broken down into digestible pieces.

Make it Memorable

Boring won't cut it. Everyone loves to have fun and we are all better at what we do when we feel good. I like to throw in a few games, jokes, and silliness to lighten up the mood and keep learners engaged. No more dreadful training. Learners will be asking for more.