Hello there!

I am glad you are here!

I am an educator with over 10 years experience in designing and facilitating learning for thousands of diverse learners in higher education and startup settings. To me, a successful learning experience is one that fulfill its objectives while being engaging, fun, and transformative. I am motivated by challenges that must be addressed through creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

As a trained researcher, I combine strong problem-solving and analytical skills with the flexible and can-do attitude of someone who is a lifelong learner. I have a very diverse and multidisciplinary background that includes experiences in the worlds of theater, architecture, academia, sustainability, leadership, entrepreneurship, and technology. I am a people person and a bridge builder. I love to connect the dots, make the obscure clear, transform the complex into simple, and witness the "aha" moments of learners.

I look forward to collaborating with people and organizations who share the belief that learning should be transformative and who are working to make the world better.

A snapshot of my experiences and skills:

I believe learning must be: